Saturday, April 13, 2013

[PYG] Abu Manna shares big "Aha! moment" from Video #2

its a long video, I cant download it and control or move it forward or rewind it. but it's really meaningful
received email below:

[Abu Manna living in the USA shared the following "Aha moment" he had after he completed this video: "After suffering for over 15 years I've come to the realization from watching this video that it is not about the porn or the sexual arousal. The problem is much more to do with certain feelings that I have which I just don't know how to deal with and out of frustration and anger and confusion I turn to porn as an escape and savior." And this is precisely what I have been saying all along. The problem is not with sex or pornography being everywhere, turning to sex compulsively, is only a symptom of something deeper.]


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